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High pressure steam interior detailing

High pressure steam interior detailing

Welcome to the Next Level Auto Detailing: A New Definition to Auto Detailing service

NL Auto Detailing has developed into a premium range of multipurpose home and business goods, including spot cleaners, air purifiers, and steam cleaners. Our clear designs, strong functionality, and incredibly rewarding outcomes delight us greatly.

We offer high pressure steam interior detailing service that includes all surfaces, carpets, and seats. Our interior package includes extra services designed to preserve and safeguard the car’s interior, such as ceramic coating for the leather and trim, which can lengthen the surfaces’ lifespan and protect them from wear and tear. A special interior care kit is available in the package. The kit can assist car owners in maintaining the interior of their vehicles over time. If you wish to safeguard and extend the life of your car’s interiors, our high pressure steam interior detailing could be a better choice.


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Professional auto detailing steam cleaner

NL Auto Detailing provides top-notch services, fantastic results, exceptional efficiency, and the highest caliber of expertise. We guarantee your automobile will be safe and secure with us. Undoubtedly, we are fully licensed, certified, and insured.

In Toronto, we provide our customers with a wide range of services with our professional auto detailing steam cleaner. These services include thorough steam cleaning of your car’s interior and exterior and more specialized auto detailing.

Our wide range of steam cleaners is ideal for auto detailing. Certainly, the outcomes will shock you! The interior and exterior bodies of cars are being cleaned using steam. It is a very popular method. The steam cleaner must have a very high-pressure output for cleaning auto bodies. Using less than a gallon of water, you can thoroughly clean a car’s full body, from the dashboard to every nook and corner. Moreover, it is possible to detail a car at any place since hardly any water is left behind after cleaning.

Almost every interior or exterior surface of a car may be safely cleaned with our professional auto detailing steam cleaner. Furthermore, we advise using steam in addition to our high-end solutions created especially for auto cleaning to get the best results.

Auto interior steam cleaning services

We use cleaning methods and products from the world’s best car care and car detailing, generating a minimum amount of water waste and using completely biodegradable products to protect the environment. Undoubtedly, we are professionals with the best training in car detailing and professional cleaning of vehicles, RVs, and boats.

Our auto interior steam cleaning services include a complete steam cleaning of your car’s interior, which includes vacuuming, shampooing, and wiping down. “Add-on services” include:

  • Mold removal.
  • Ozone treatment.
  • Pet hair removal.
  • Smoke smell removal (from cigarettes and marijuana).
  • Other automobile interior detailing services.

Call us at any time for any assistance. Your auto washing and detailing demands are our priority, and our knowledgeable staff would love to help.


The benefits of high-pressure steam interior detailing are:

  • Removes pet, smoke, mold, and mildew smells.
  • Cloth deep cleaning and reviving are quick and simple.
  • Dashboards, vents, ashtrays, cup holders, and armrests that are difficult to reach are quickly cleaned.

Most specialists recommend to perform a thorough detailing at least twice or three times every year or once every four to six months. How often you should detail your car will mostly depend on how much abuse you subject it to.

The inside and exterior of the automobile are cleaned with steam during steam car detailing. It is an environmentally friendly method of car cleaning. Steam jets sterilize and clean surfaces when used properly, making them safe surface cleaning equipment.

It is adaptable. Hence, any place may be cleaned using high-pressure steam as no harsh chemicals are involved.

The entire vehicle can take around 15 minutes for high pressure steam interior detailing. Time also depends on the type of vehicle, the amount of room it can hold, and the interior space.